Page Tutorial: Stuff

Kali ini aku akan membahas cara membuat laman 'STUFF'.
Credit ya! Credit to: ME. Don't use CC, okay?
  • First, open
  • Click page/laman.
  • Click 'Buat laman baru'.
  • Write the title, ex: Stuff, Tutorial, or other.
  • First, write a greeting, ex: 'This page just for tutorial', or write the rules, or other, Up to you, okay?
  • Then, click HTML, not compose. HTML layout on the left marks the undo.
  • Now, you choose one style of title tutorial. You can choose that Here.
  • You may edited that. If already, paste this code below all of the code.
<br />
<li><a href="Your link">Title</a></li>
  • Wanna again? Paste this code above/before </div> code. However, the code that is, not before! Kode yang dipasang adalah kode yang dibawah kode <li><a href="Your link">Title</a></li>.
  • Pastekan kode ini dibawah kode <li><a href="Your link">Title</a></li>.
<li><a href="Your link">Title</a></li>
  • Okay!

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